[Scribus] Print moved past top of page

Roger hovergo
Fri Aug 10 05:44:00 CEST 2007

all versions up to without any problem whatsoever.
Scribus printed strangely - it shifted the contents
upwards by 2 inches or so.  IE the heading was off the page and
there was a large empty space at the bottom.

This is somehow comforting to know.
I too have , both shifting my print page about 40 mm up and off
the top of the page.
I now use FC6 and Cannon S520 printer I did not have this happen with FC4 which
I used previously.
I did try in Ubuntu and it also shifted about 50 mm to the top of the page.
Exporting to pdf then printing pdf brings the print back to about 10mm up toward
the top.
Maybe its a gimp print  problem.

Has anyone got  clues on where to start looking.

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