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Far To Many Institutions and Training providers
oblige students to use software - often over
specified that they can not afford.

Eduction is supposed to be about training and
learning.. not just being a monkey and bashing the
right key. It is often far more informative for a
student to have to figure out how to achieve the
result they require by any and all means rather than
just bang a button. A Good Workman does not blame
his tools... and he can use an inferior tool to
produce a superior job. Eduction is best when it
teaches transferable skills and not just a skill set
limited by one computer application.

Also, many folks on this planet do not have the
disposable income to pay for Certain Software's and
the Open Source Community allow these folks to gain
access to high quality software.

Many Charities and Voluntary Groups Survive on a
Shoe String Budget for I.T. and as it is possible to
cut the basic budget to just hardware costs by using
Linux and Open Source.. well it does mean that money
gets focused where it is needed.

For DTP - God Bless Scribus - I'm in the process of
converting half a dozen charities to using Scribus
for their Publication Needs and many kids are
grabbing it to prepare school work and course work
cos their parents can't afford to fund alternatives.
In the Eduction system electronic submission of work
in locked Pdf is being accepted using formatted
templates - but if you can't do this your education
suffers.... knowing the price of everything and the
value of nothing does come to mind.

Scribus may not be the best for some folks and as
with all software you may wish it did things a
little differently and to your liking - but it's
Bloody Good as it is... and long may it develop and

... oh and may the guys on this list keep posting
too... a well of information and tips that is making
he lives of many folks better!


Roger wrote:
> <snip>
>   I still can't say to them to use scribus.
> </snip>
> On the contrary, students don't have to be spoon fed the mod cons of life they
> only need to know where to find the information.
> Is it the expectations of the course being taught that requires the features of
> software that Scribus doesn't have a this point in time.
> In the interim, can expectations be modified to suit the tools available in
> Scribus rather than simply not tell them to use it.
> Roger
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