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avox avox
Mon Aug 6 12:11:38 CEST 2007

Craig Ringer wrote:
> As the current Scribus PDF export engine cannot flatten transparency
> internally, that means you can't use transparency at all for PDF/X-3 .
> At some point it's likely that Scribus's PDF output will be enhanced so
> that it can render areas that use transparency to bitmaps and include
> them in the PDF. There are some interesting complications with doing
> this, though, especially with getting the edges between the vector and
> raster bits to match properly, getting the same anti-aliasing, and
> ensuring that colour management is performed consistently on the
> different parts of the PDF. As a result, it might just convert the
> _whole_ PDF to a bitmap if transparency is used.
> That's your best workaround at this point if your design cannot be
> accomplished without the use of transparent elements. Export to PDF 1.4
> or similar (something with transparency support) then rasterize your PDF
> to an image using something like GhostScript. If your printers will
> accept a TIFF, just send them that. If they really require PDF/X-3, you
> can bundle the TIFF up on a Scribus page and export *that* as PDF/X-3 .
> Convoluted? Yes. 

You can also use the transparency flattener in Acrobat Reader:

* export to PDF 1.4 in Scribus
* open in AR and print to file using a postscript printer
* use ps2pdf to convert back to PDF

Unfortunately that will not create a PDF/X-3 file, though.

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