[Scribus] Scribus 1.3.4 in Ubuntu amd64 repositories

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Aug 5 17:02:57 CEST 2007

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> It looks very nice, and I'm sure I'll love it. However, it messed up a
> book cover that I had almost finished. That is, I didn't save it, so
> the last work that was done in is still on disk. If I do save
> it in 1.3.4 I'll give it another name.
This is the right thing -- saving under an alternative name.
> The cover looks exactly as before, except one text box is completely
> trashed, and I can't fix it. The text is set to 24 points and the
> leading to 30, via a style. Upon opening the document the leading is
> too much, and 2/3 of the text is missing from the frame. I thought the
> text might be missing because the leading was off, so I went into story
> editor and changed the leading to 28 points. When I applied the change
> the lines text became stacked halfway on top of each other. Then I went
> back in and changed the leading back to 30 points, but the display does
> not change. It appears there is a serious problem interpreting styles
> in documents created in earlier versions. Is there an easy way to fix
> the document?
What you may need to do if you want to keep playing around with 1.3.4 -- 
and it best to have the mindset that you are playing around, since all 
of your work may end up being unusable -- is to wipe out the styles from 
the old document -- use the little broom icons next to Paragraph and 
Character styles widgets in Properties. Then you can try to duplicate 
what you want using the 1.3.4 methods rather than trying to get 1.3.4 to 
translate 1.3.3.x styles.


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