[Scribus] Strange behaviour when line has no width but colour white on dark background in PDF

Julian Robbins julian.robbins
Wed Aug 1 16:45:59 CEST 2007

> Julian Robbins wrote:
>> > Hi
>> >
>> > This one caught us out a few days ago.
>> >
>> > If you have an image with a zero size line width but set with a white 
>> > colour line on top on a darker larger background, you see (correctly) no 
>> > line around the image.
>> >
>> > But when you export to PDF, Acrobat Reader 7 and 8 on Windows and Linux 
>> > show the image with a white line around it. Evince (on Ubuntu 7.04) 
>> > interestingly shows no line around the image.
>> >
>> > Is this a Acrobat bug, or an PDF export bug? I would expect that if you 
>> > force the line to have a 0 mm width it really shouldn't show up. 
>> > Obviously if we set the line on the image to have line colour 'none' it 
>> > would fix this, but why do we have to ? When you zoom in to the image at 
>> > 6400% the line is still thin, but even at 66% view the line is still 
>> > seen ...
>> >   
> So what you're saying is that you insist that you make a line disappear 
> by making its width zero rather than making its color None. One of the 
> things to consider is that with floating point numbers, zero can be a 
> difficult thing to achieve. If you can go to the bother of making a line 
> width zero, how much more work is making the color None?
> Greg

I understand what you're saying Greg, I'm just saying that this happened and these were the unexpected results we saw. Its easy to fix, but interesting why its wrong in the first place, and why evince (usually excellent nowaways), does it the Scribus way, by not putting a line around the image, when Acrobat does show the line.

Kind regards

Julian Robbins

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