[Scribus] Screen shots

Vladimir Savic vladimir.firefly.savic
Wed Aug 1 15:25:52 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 01 August 2007 07:52:22 Danny Brow wrote:
> I need to take some screen shots for publishing. But every application
> I've use so far for Linux seems not to produce a large enough image to
> print in quality. I can get an image to the right size for print but
> it's dpi is around 72, if I go high like 200 the image is way to small.
> Any help with be great. Doing this all with Scribus so hopefully it's
> not OT.

Well... It's not possible. Unfortunately.
The most common ppi for monitors is 72, but you need at least 200 or even 300 
dpi for high quality prints. Changing 72 to 200 without scaling will lead to 
smaller pictures. Every application that claims to be able to export 
screenshots at higher value then 72 cheats and does internal scaling before 

There are two possible solutions:

a) Fire up gimp and scale picture at some higher value. You will get decent 
quality experimenting with scaling algorithms (linear, cubic, etc.).

b) This is not easy one! Man you're on linux. :) Make an alternative visual 
profile (doing changes to kde or gnome or whatever environment you're using) 
with larger text, larger icons, larger windows border... Larger everything! 
And setup virtual desktop size to something bigger then standard resolution 
you're using.
Take a screenshot then. Obtained picture will still be at 72 ppi but bigger, 
but you'll be able to scale it at 200 much more easily.

These are my suggestions. And I say go for a) if you need great number of 
shots and b) if you're in for high quality shots at any price.

Good luck!

> Thanks,
> Dan

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