[Scribus] Book length projects.

Tornóci László torlasz
Fri Apr 27 09:37:26 CEST 2007

avox wrote:
> Torn?ci L?szl?-2 wrote:
>> However, my biggest problem is not this. It is the lack of 
>> _proper_ automatic justification in Scribus. I can manually set 
>> intercharacter spacing and character widths in Scribus, however, Scribus 
>> doesn't touch these when doing automatic justification, it changes 
>> interword spacing only. This is so much inferior to changing all three 
>> variables. Hyphenation helps a lot, but the problem persists. Nowadays 
>> you see so many publications with horrible justification, that we all 
>> tend to forget what _good_ justification looks like.
> Justification has been improved in 1.3.4cvs. I agree, before that it looked
> awful.

Nice to hear that. I understand 1.3.4 is a development branch, and users 
are usually discouraged to use it for major projects. My question is: if 
  I have no deadlines in the near future and I can live with minor 
glitches or headaches and take some precautions (like having to patch 
the program from time to time, putting my sla files under revision 
control), is it ok to use this branch for real work? Are there any plans 
to introduce major changes to the file format or anything that breaks 
forward compatibility of the sla files?

> For the records, this is what Scribus does now:
> Scribus does not alter character spacing automatically since that would
> affect the text
> color. 

I don't think so, if it is kept within tight limits. However, it can 
help to find a better hyphenation break. Typography purists also wildly 
object to changing the character widths, but it is not noticeable if 
used properly. Anyway, I am happy to see an improvement in Scribus.

					Yours: Laszlo

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