[Scribus] form blanks

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Apr 27 03:23:56 CEST 2007

Rick Pasotto wrote:
> If I create a printed form with "blanks" to be filled in, what is the
> best way to create those "blanks"? If I draw a line and then change the
> font wouldn't I have to then manually reposition every line? I tried a
> righttab with underscore as a fill but that didn't produce any output.
> Example of what I mean by form with blanks:
> Name:        ______________________________
> Address:     ______________________________
> Address:     ______________________________
> City:        ______________________________
When I have done this, I have put the text in a separate frame from 
however the lines are done. You have the option of doing an underline 
effect on the font - choose the one that underlines words and spaces.
Generally I have drawn lines so that the length of the lines is easily 
and precisely controlled, then done a multiple duplicate to make as many 
as I would like, then group to place them and align with the text. If 
the text is in a separate frame, you can right justify if you like, so 
each label is the same distance from its line.


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