[Scribus] page size and printing to postscript

James Doepp jdoepp
Fri Apr 20 11:18:23 CEST 2007

This was going to be a question, but I found the answer :-)

After creating a document using Scribus, I changed the paper size
with Page --> Manage page properties. Everything looked good, and I could
export to pdf directly without any problems. But when I tried to print to
postscript (I need prepress quality with CYMK separated colours and "Set
media size" is checked), the page was clipped to the original page size. The
solution was to change the page size in File --> Document settings as well.
So the page size can be altered in two places, which may cause confusion (as
it did with me). Will this be corrected in future releases?

Another note: "Set media size" only works for postscript level 3 (which for
me is not a problem, but may be disconcerting if you by chance have another
postscript level chosen, and don't know what the problem is :-)

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