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Tom Hicks tom
Wed Apr 18 19:39:23 CEST 2007

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> avox wrote:
>> ... If you crop at the edge and miss the block border, you might see
>> artefacts along the edge, especially if you cut along a visible edge in
>> the picture.
>> So, if you really want to cut off a large part of the picture, it might
>> help to keep a small border of say 16 pixels and crop that in Scribus.
> Thinking about it again, that advice is probably bullshit. When loaded in
> Gimp, the image isn't in JPG any more, so any save will have a slight
> reduction in quality. So the best advice would be to use tiff originals, and
> if that's not possible, convert to tiff or png before editing. Then import
> as tiff or png into Scribus and choose the appropiate compression method in
> PDF export.
That's true, but if you are talking about jpeg originals then there is 
another option for the cropping. If all you are doing is roughly 
cropping to the right size (eg doing the final placement in Scribus) 
the you can use a special jpeg cropper, which will limit you to whole 
sector regions of the jpeg (typically about 32*32 pixels), but will 
crop the jpeg without losing quality.

> /Andreas


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