[Scribus] Colour Swatch and more questions

Cedric Sagne cedric.sagne
Wed Apr 18 09:17:03 CEST 2007


After some research on your answer, I repeat my question about a way to know 
from a physical "yardstick" what your colour will look like on paper, that 
is on a specific type of paper assuming your printer uses it and does not 
take liberties with it?
Well actually I thought this was the purpose of such colour swatches, to get 
a client to pick his colours there, and be sure the output will match.

I know Pantone publishes colour swatches which may be used to order specific 
inks (then inserted as spot colours), but could you then tell me which tool 
makes a link between a colour on the screen and the coding used there, which 
I don't care if it looks good or not (and calibrating a monitor is NOT an 
option because I work on a general market laptop screen) and a final paper 
result (fortunately I do not have to work with fabric or other fancy 
physical output) which I have to be sure of... before the money is spent.
Alright bottomposting there, not sure if I follow the etiquette.

> Now, if we treated the CMYK values as (eg) SWOP Coated, and did an
> appropriate CMYK->CMYK conversion to the press profile, that I could
> make sense of. We don't however, and the press is very far indeed from
> anything like SWOP Coated in its characteristics.


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