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Nigel Ridley nigel
Wed Apr 18 07:25:35 CEST 2007

Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote:
> Hi Nigel,
>> How do I set up Scribus to print a 20 page small booklet (A4 paper but A5 page 
>> size) so that I can print it on my home printer and have, for example, page #6 on 
>> the same (opposite side) piece of A4 paper as page #15 with pages #5 and #16 on 
>> the 'back' (double side printing)?
>> Is that clear?
>> Blessings,
>> Nigel
> Is it on Linux? I use ghostscript functions for it on my Linux system 
> (don't know if it works the same on a Windows ghostscript). Scribus 
> doesn't support this by itself (not yet).
> In my case, it's A4 pages on A3 paper. The documents just have ordinary 
> A4 pages all in a row. To avoid any printing problems, I have the 
> document made to a PDF first and then use Adobe Reader to print a 
> postscript file from it. This postscript file (let's call it test.ps) 
> will then be made up.
> First step: sort pages
> psbook test.ps test2.ps
> This will sort all pages so they appear at the right positions when 
> printed 2-sided.
> Second step: make A4 (portrait) pages fit to A3 paper (landscape)
> psnup -2 -Pa4 -pa3 print2.ps print3.ps
> Now with kprinter, I send this to my printer, setting it to A3 
> portrait(!) and duplexed over the smaller edge.
> I think this should run in your case, too. Just read the man pages for 
> psnup and psbook.
> Hope it helps!
> Rolf
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I read the man pages and it makes things clearer - thanks.

Just one thing: in the howto 'How to make a booklet' 
it refers to transforming A4 docs into A5 booklets using Kprinter - what if I had 
already created a multi-page pdf in Scribus using 'facing pages' and A5 sizes - 
can I still use Kprinter as described? How would it know that I'm already using A5 
It also refers to first print the 'even pages' then put the paper back in and 
print the 'odd pages' - this isn't obviously the actual page numbers is it but 
rather what the printer considers even and odd pages - yes?

I am still a little bit in the dark and would really like to be able to produce a 
small [say 20 page] booklet that folks (even somebody's grandmother) could 
download from my website and print at home.

Perhaps when I get everything working and clear in my own mind, I could write a 
simple *clear* howto that even someone with a low IQ could understand - I took an 
IQ test but failed :-(



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