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dwain dwain.alford
Fri Apr 13 13:07:38 CEST 2007

On Friday 13 April 2007, Philipp Klaus Krause wrote:
> Kai-Uwe Behrmann schrieb:
> > Am 13.04.07, 10:14 +0200 schrieb Philipp Klaus Krause:
> >> I have color management enabled, but did not select "use ICC profile"(or
> >> whatever it is called in English)  when generating the pdf. My system
> >> profiles in the color managent dialog are the default ones except for
> >> the monitor (ECI-RGB, Fogra27L CMYK Coated Press, ECI-RGB, the monitor
> >> profile, ISO Coated).
> >
> > Not hitting the main question:
> > ECI-RGB seems a bit large for standard monitors ;-)
> > sRGB would be a better selection for uncalibrated desktop monitors.
> ECI-RGB is the color profile I use for RGB pictures and filling colors
> (since it's the default); for the monitor I use a profile from the
> manufacturer.
> Philipp
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if you are producing relative colorimetric images you might want to get the 
sRGB-IEC61966-2-1_noBPC.icc form http://www.color.org.  It's rendering intent 
is a match to relative colorimetric and it doesn't add black to your colors 
like the sRGB-IEC61966-withBPC.icc which is for perceptual colorimetric 
rendering intent.  here's a quote from their web site with regard to the two 

Both profiles contain the standard linearized Bradford D65 to D50 chromatic 
adaptation tag (this tag was often not present in older sRGB profiles), and 
the media white point tag is set to D50 (as is required for ICC v4 profiles). 
This avoids the inappropriate color casts that older sRGB v2 ICC profiles 
frequently produced when the absolute colorimetric intent was used. 
Otherwise, the profile with BPC is similar to most common sRGB ICC profiles 
in use.

The profile without BPC produces sRGB colorimetry in the PCS that is more 
accurate to what a viewer of a sRGB calibrated display will observe in the 
reference sRGB viewing conditions, especially the dark colors and black 
point. It should be used in situations where greater colorimetric accuracy is 
desired, such as for preview and proofing applications, and where CMM color 
rendering will be applied. Note that both sRGB profiles will produce the same 
results if BPC (only) is applied by the CMM. 

if you want to create a standard work flow, then all of your color devices 
need to carry the same color profile for srgb.  cmyk depends on your printer 
and you need to get the color profile from them and install it in scribus,  
then you should have no surprises.

and if you really want to get down and dirty, you can set your monitor to user 
defined and select 50% for RGB respectively.  50% gives as close to a middle 
gray as you can get without a color cast that the other profiles give you.

industry standard is 5000K warm white.  how many people do you know that view 
printed work under 5000K lighting anyway?  It's got too much yellow for me 
and 9300K is too blue.  if you shoot for a neutral monitor then the work you 
produce with the color profile from your commercial printer should give you 
what you want.

there are those on the list that will heartily disagree with me, but the proof 
is in my pudding and i have had no problems with my set up and commercial 

one printer i use doesn't care if the pdf is profiled for cmyk or rgb.  when 
he prints my stuff digitally, it's very close to what comes off my epson and 
hp printers that i use for proofing.


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