[Scribus] Color problems

Philipp Klaus Krause pkk
Fri Apr 13 10:14:04 CEST 2007

I've created a document with scribus; I got it back from the printer
with incorrect colors: Parts that were intended to be yellow are green.
When I create a pdf from scribus I can select monitor/internet or
printer in the options. When I use the monitor/internet option the pdf
looks as intended on my screen, when I use the printer output option it
doesn't. I thought OK, the monitor/internet thing looks OK on the
monitor, so the printer thing will look OK when printed, but it looks on
paper as it does on the screen.
I have color management enabled, but did not select "use ICC profile"(or
whatever it is called in English)  when generating the pdf. My system
profiles in the color managent dialog are the default ones except for
the monitor (ECI-RGB, Fogra27L CMYK Coated Press, ECI-RGB, the monitor
profile, ISO Coated).


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