[Scribus] This error message... and introductory post

jon info
Fri Apr 13 02:48:09 CEST 2007

> Thanks Jon, Avox also replied at somewhat more length.. ALL good  
> info.  I'm working on getting this thing to work.  There are few  
> glitches.  PLUS I probably need to get this iMAc (1999) cleaned  
> anyway...
> >If you dl gs 8.5 and installed it to Volume/Library/Frameworks/
> >go to the prefs menu and enter the path to make sure scribus will
> >find it

Decompress the file Ghostscript-8.50-macosx.tar.bz2 with Stuffit  
Expander, if available, or use

//do the same with Scribus-Aqua-

take the uncompressed folder "Ghostscript.framework" and move it to  
the folder "frameworks" inside your "Library" folder on your main  

move the uncompressed file "scribus" to your "Applications" folder

Start up scribus. Go to the Prefs menu. Find the part (external  
tools) where you may input "path to gs" or anything similar
use the provided button to open the find dialog
choose (the path) "Library/Ghostscript.framework/Versions/8.54/bin/ 
gsc" [or type it manually] hit ok.

> Assuming I indeed have the ghostscript file ( I've downloaded it at  
> least three times.. more like 6... It must be available.. and yes,  
> the linking info may be what's missing.... but the above three  
> lines mean nothing to me.  Sorry.

> Hold on here, anyway...... if I dont need  
> ?scribus-1- what DO I need?  ie. Which file  
> carries the Scribus software?


as Andreas mentioned: Scribus-Aqua- contains the  
program as a single file.

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