[Scribus] Postscript files

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Apr 10 19:53:15 CEST 2007

avox wrote:
> Howard R. Hansen wrote:
>> Craig Bradney wrote:
>>> perhaps GDI is exactly what he meant. its not uncommon
>> I am more inclined to believe Andreas was right when he said the vendor 
>> was probably talking about XPS.   The following section extracted from a 
>> Wikipedia article leads me in that direction.
>> ...
> Both is possible. Doesnt matter in the conclusion: avoid GDI printers
> (because there might be no / less good drivers available for Linux)

Yep. Not only that, but if there are drivers the results may be
significantly inferior to what you'd get from a printer with a bit more
internal grunt. Additionally, there's no guarantee that the manufacturer
will release updated drivers for new Windows releases, let alone other
platforms, as many people discovered with the Vista release.

PCL is at least mostly standard and works very well. I personally prefer
networked PDF/PS3 printers, but then I'm not buying one for home.

> Currently, if I were to buy a printer and couldnt afford a PS one, I'd
> choose one which understands PCL and has a Linux printer available.

I'd tend to agree with that.

Craig Ringer

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