[Scribus] PDF Forms Field Text scripterapi on python script && Button send

PPK-Webprogramm ciz
Tue Apr 10 15:52:18 CEST 2007

Hi List,

I have build a QT4 generator which grab sqlfield from a table an create 
various export field name and type.. ( target to show and update 
table... on a pdf form or on other format... on web )
as latex pdfform , QWidget qt4 subclass, xml to XSL-FO , xhtml.... mysql 
dump , csv ....

Now i build the scribus export as a scripterapi  tablenamexx.py

   box2 = createText(70,80, 200, 22)
   setText("Table field name xx  utf-8  type int",box2)

to append page i save each Y position to stay on A4

if (top > 750) {
                              position = 1; 
                              top = starttop + (25 * position);

Now i can insert fieldname on scribus as a text label....

But how i can append  a ANTYPE PDF-Textfield  format on X Y coordinates??

my field type are QComboBox, QSpinBox, QLineEdit, QDateTimeEdit,  
QSender(urlt php to  post)

to convert on

Type of the Annotation or PDF-Field
0 = Text annotation
1 = Link annotation
2 = PDF-Button
3 = PDF-Textfield
4 = PDF-Checkbox
5 = PDF-Combobox
6 = PDF-Listbox
7 = External Link
8 = External Weblink

Ist this present on scripterapi the doc not show me an ansver....

Or ist this to implement on scribus.py ?

Best regards....

Patrik H.

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