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HARENDAL .h harendalh
Fri Apr 6 17:15:31 CEST 2007

>From: avox <avox at arcor.de>
Good afternoon germany

>What will be the licence of those fonts?

** Under AFPL

>Do I understand correctly that you want to  package those fonts with 

** Not with, as external ressource, somethink like urwfonts 1.40, where user 
keep the control of what he want or not, and select format of his choice.

>Also it would be nice to see an image of those fonts in action.

** Ok, one of them work here: 

TMG font for private use, real name tribunADF.OTF, Optimized for pdf 
publishing and web wiewing.
But too many fonts to do an image for each. I going to see if it's possible 
to create a download plateform in order to have an access for see, test or 
what you want...
Thank Andreas

D?couvrez le Blog heroic Fantaisy d'Eragon! 

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