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Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Fri Apr 6 02:44:29 CEST 2007

Am Donnerstag, 5. April 2007 20:27 schrieb HARENDAL .h:
> Good evening
> Sorry for my english, I hope write correctly, without too much mistakes...
> This message is adressed to the scribus developpers, I would like to know
> where put files or
> how to process if you are interesting by this contribution. Thank to Jean
> GHALI for all informations given.
> Offer fonts solution for scribus users with an additionnal ressource in
> order to "customize" or permite more choices for there works.
> Note: Fonts aren't actually distributed, and are reserved for scribus
> "promotion", waiting your answer.
> ADF fonts are designed or redrawed, for have "the look of" or "alternative
> mix", and somewhere add my own view or style, not to copying a commercial
> font any way... Itsn't the aim. But to give two examples, Ameris font
> familly is based to the expertise of the fonts times and americana values,
> in order to obtain a type face. Albertis is rescaled to used albertus (URW
> A0028) as text font with some glyph designed to add a true italic and bold
> italic version.
> In addition, fonts editions are make under a virtual foundry process
> (because I like that), where each step is appreciated and controled (kern,
> hints etc. are do manually).
> Basic formats
> PS (PFM, PFB, AFM): Manutius initial release,  verified by editing and
> noah. OTF: Generated with FDK from adobe and verified with the same tool
> TTF: Generated with ttEdit and verified with MS tools (ex: Flint)
> Others Formats
> T1 and CEF (for SVG): may be generated with FDK
> NXT (PS linux) work in progress
> Sources: TTX or DFB and DFM
> Fonts pack don't need to be installed with scribus program, but as a
> external ressource directory, where the user can do what he want.
> He can install fonts, or create a directory for scribus use only where
> he can put fonts format of his choice. May be include a fonts guid for
> viewing...
> Of course, fonts can be verified by a official foundry expert of your
> choice to be sure that they aren't copied, pirated, and for fonts modified,
> respect the AFPL edited by URW or ADOBE for exemple. In addition, you can
> test them, to be sure that they work correctly.
> I hope that will be usefull for you. If you have questions or want other
> info, I'll be
> enjoy to answer you.
> Regards


at least for me, your posting wasn't exactly clear. Would you mind reposting 
it in French? It would also be nice if you could insert a link to a webpage 
or a repository.

Merci beaucoup!


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