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HARENDAL .h harendalh
Thu Apr 5 20:27:37 CEST 2007

Good evening

Sorry for my english, I hope write correctly, without too much mistakes...
This message is adressed to the scribus developpers, I would like to know 
where put files or
how to process if you are interesting by this contribution. Thank to Jean 
GHALI for all informations given.

Offer fonts solution for scribus users with an additionnal ressource in 
order to "customize" or permite more choices for there works.
Note: Fonts aren't actually distributed, and are reserved for scribus 
"promotion", waiting your answer.

ADF fonts are designed or redrawed, for have "the look of" or "alternative 
mix", and somewhere add my own view or style, not to copying a commercial 
font any way... Itsn't the aim. But to give two examples, Ameris font 
familly is based to the expertise of the fonts times and americana values, 
in order to obtain a type face. Albertis is rescaled to used albertus (URW 
A0028) as text font with some glyph designed to add a true italic and bold 
italic version.
In addition, fonts editions are make under a virtual foundry process 
(because I like that), where each step is appreciated and controled (kern, 
hints etc. are do manually).

Basic formats
PS (PFM, PFB, AFM): Manutius initial release,  verified by editing and noah.
OTF: Generated with FDK from adobe and verified with the same tool
TTF: Generated with ttEdit and verified with MS tools (ex: Flint)

Others Formats
T1 and CEF (for SVG): may be generated with FDK
NXT (PS linux) work in progress
Sources: TTX or DFB and DFM

Fonts pack don't need to be installed with scribus program, but as a
external ressource directory, where the user can do what he want.
He can install fonts, or create a directory for scribus use only where
he can put fonts format of his choice. May be include a fonts guid for 

Of course, fonts can be verified by a official foundry expert of your choice
to be sure that they aren't copied, pirated, and for fonts modified,
respect the AFPL edited by URW or ADOBE for exemple. In addition, you
can test them, to be sure that they work correctly.

I hope that will be usefull for you. If you have questions or want other 
info, I'll be
enjoy to answer you.


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