[Scribus] problems with duplication

Le Tigre scribus
Thu Apr 5 09:32:54 CEST 2007

Yes, it happens frequently: the text overflows, but it's just a bug, and
it will easily come back (so you don't have to delete the frame).

One solution is to move from a layer to another one (and then go back to
your layer), which put all text back.


Michael Vincent a ?crit :
> I had the same problem.
> Workaround is to make sure that you can see the whole page before you
> start the Duplicate Items function. If you can see the whole page, then
> you should not have any more problems!
> Works a treat every time now.
> MV
> On 04/04/07, *Rick Pasotto* <rick at niof.net <mailto:rick at niof.net>> wrote:
> <> on debian etch.
>     I have designed a business card that needs to be duplicated nine times
>     to make a full page of ten cards.
>     *Sometimes* after the duplication one or more of the text boxes goes
>     into overflow condition. Deleting it and trying again usually results in
>     a good copy. Occasionally I have to delete/duplicate multiple times.
>     I gave up on trying 'multiple duplicate' because of the errors. It was
>     just easier to do it manually.
>     Has anyone else experienced this behavior?
>     Second question: If I decide to make a change to the card is there any
>     way around deleting all nine copies and then re-duplicating them?
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