[Scribus] best image format

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Apr 4 18:28:56 CEST 2007

avox wrote:
> heathenx-2 wrote:
>> Instead of PDF files as my images, should I be using something else, like
>> eps or tiff? I am using 3D 
>> isometric line art and I want the lines to be as crisp a possible when
>> scaling the images up or down 
>> in an image frame.
> Currently, Scribus still converts PDFs in imageframes to bitmaps, which show
> the described behaviour.
> Tiff will not be any better, but you can import eps (and sometimes pdf) via
> File->Import natively
> into Scribus. Scribus will then create a group of vector objects.

Yes, we've had this discussion many a time on the list. The main
question is what your options are. If you must use a bitmap (and as
Andreas says, from Scribus' point of view a PDF is a bitmap because of
how it uses the PDF), use a high ppi. If you can manage an EPS or SVG,
all the better.


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