[Scribus] Portable-apps version of Scribus ?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Apr 4 16:25:35 CEST 2007

Julian Robbins wrote:
> Hi
> Is anyone working on a portable-apps (http://portableapps.com/) version
> of Scribus?
> This would help anyone stuck on Windows to run Scribus where they dont
> have full admin rights and simplify usage for others.
> I dont know much about portable-apps but thought that including Scribus
> and Inkscape (the Gimp is already there) would be a  good OSS idea. I
> guess it may also need Ghostscript adding too ...
> I dont have any coding skills so I cant help, but wanted to see if
> anyone was working on it, or could do it ?
Quite some time ago, Paul, who we haven't heard from in quite some time,
mentioned getting Scribus running on a PDA, and this was prior to the
release of Windows versions, but also on some rather "ancient" version
of Scribus also.


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