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heathenx heathenx
Tue Apr 3 17:31:26 CEST 2007

Ha. Thanks for the history. That was pretty interesting.


Jeff Lasman wrote the following on 4/3/2007 11:24 AM:
> On Tuesday 03 April 2007 06:55 am, heathenx wrote:
>> Yup. I just tried Helvetica. It's perfect! I just found my new
>> "standard". Thanks everyone.
> Helvetica, developed in 1957 by Swiss graphic designer Max Miedinger, 
> has been probably the most widely used sans-serif typeface since I was 
> a teen, and I'm almost 63 now <smile>.  It was originally named Neue 
> Haas Grotesk (from Akzidenz Grotesk, a font designed in 1896) but the 
> name was changed to Helvetica in 1960.
> Two other Sans Serif fonts which became very popular:
> Univers (pronounced "oo-nih-VAIR") designed by Adrian Frutiger, also 
> from the original  Akzidenz Grotesk.  IBM made this font extremely 
> popular by offering it as the default typeface for their IBM Selectric 
> Composer system (introduced in 1966), but that probably devalued it's 
> use among typographers as it became the mark of "cheap typesetting".  
> (The IBM design was a bit simplified, but still quite similar.)
> And of course, Arial, designed in 1982 by Robin Nicholas and Patricia 
> Saunders for Monotype Typography.
> According to Wikipedia (from which I refreshed my memory for this post) 
> claims "It is generally understood that Arial was meant as a cheaper 
> substitute (but not so close as to invite litigation) for Linotype's 
> popular Helvetica. However, a close examination of Helvetica, Arial, 
> and Univers reveals that the latter two are in many respects more 
> similar than the former two."
> So now that you know more about Helvetica, Arial, and even Univer,  than 
> you ever needed to know, choose the one that looks the best <smile>.
> (In the late 70s I was part owner of a Typography shop in San Mateo, 
> California, "Helvetica Typographers"; you'd be surprised how many 
> versions of Helvetica there are <smile>.)
> Jeff

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