[Scribus] which font to use

heathenx heathenx
Tue Apr 3 15:42:59 CEST 2007

Thanks for the tips, Andreas. Perhaps Helvetica is the solution. I'll give it a go.


avox wrote the following on 4/3/2007 9:32 AM:
> heathenx-2 wrote:
>> I'm working on a big project with Scribus. I am converting an instruction
>> manual from Adobe InDesign 
>> to Scribus. We have used the Arial font exclusively in InDesign and pretty
>> much used this font as 
>> our company standard (wasn't my decision). Anyway, I'm able to use this
>> font in Scribus with no 
>> problems until I send the document out as a pdf file. When I open the pdf
>> all of the letter "i's" 
>> look bold and blocky. I had this same problem a while back and my solution
>> was to avoid this font 
>> all together. Times New Roman seems to work really well. However, it looks
>> nothing like Arial.
>> My question: Have any of you experienced this? What is a recommended font
>> to use. I would like to 
>> use something that worked on Windows, Linux, and Mac and then standardize
>> on that font. I want to 
>> use just one font for the whole manual, only changing style like bold,
>> italic, and underlined where 
>> I need to.
> Yes, we know about this. It seems to be a combination of Scribus turning off
> hinting in PDFs and bad antialiasing in Acrobat Reader which causes this.
> Three suggestions:
> * use a Type1 or TTF font which can be embedded, not outlined in Scribus
> * Helvetica looks very much like Arial and is a standard PS/PDF font, so it
> need not be embedded
> * Myriad Pro comes with Acrobat Reader 7 and later. It's a very good font,
> you just need to make sure people use AR 7 or AR 8 or install this font on
> their system.
> /Andreas

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