[Scribus] which font to use

heathenx heathenx
Tue Apr 3 15:15:30 CEST 2007

I'm working on a big project with Scribus. I am converting an instruction manual from Adobe InDesign 
to Scribus. We have used the Arial font exclusively in InDesign and pretty much used this font as 
our company standard (wasn't my decision). Anyway, I'm able to use this font in Scribus with no 
problems until I send the document out as a pdf file. When I open the pdf all of the letter "i's" 
look bold and blocky. I had this same problem a while back and my solution was to avoid this font 
all together. Times New Roman seems to work really well. However, it looks nothing like Arial.

My question: Have any of you experienced this? What is a recommended font to use. I would like to 
use something that worked on Windows, Linux, and Mac and then standardize on that font. I want to 
use just one font for the whole manual, only changing style like bold, italic, and underlined where 
I need to.


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