[Scribus] Mathematical expressions in Scribus

Thomas Zastrow listen
Sun Apr 1 10:04:41 CEST 2007

Owen schrieb:
> On Sun, 1 Apr 2007 01:46:38 +0200Christoph Sch?fer <christoph-schaefer at gmx.de> wrote:
>> Am Sonntag, 1. April 2007 01:17 schrieb Thomas Zastrow:> > Christoph Sch?fer schrieb:> > > Am Samstag, 31. M?rz 2007 23:24 schrieb Thomas Zastrow:> > >> Dear all, dear Hermann,> > >>> > >> until the "Google Summer Of Code" adds true mathematical capabilities to> > >> Scribus,  it is possible to import equations into Scribus with a> > >> workaround. Take a look:> > >>> > >> http://www.thomas-zastrow.de/scribus/ScribusAndjEuclid/ScribusAndJeuclid> > >>.pd f> > >>> > >> And the Scribus file:> > >>> > >> http://www.thomas-zastrow.de/scribus/ScribusAndjEuclid/ScribusAndJeuclid
>>>>> I already thought about that. But Hermann is working on a *real*> > integration of formulas into Scribus. So I'm exciting waiting for his> > solution which will hopefully make my workaround obsolet.> > Hi Tom,> > I don't think an article would become obsolete anytime soon, since you used > OO.o and MathML, while Herm will try to integrate LaTeX. Many people don't > want to learn LaTeX and may feel more comfortable with OO.o instead.
> I do not have cause for using maths, but have experimented with Kile (a LaTeX front end)
> It is a very easy system to produce math, and create postscript for importing into Scribus, see an example at
> http://members.pcug.org.au/~rcook/scribus/math.pdf which has been made from http://members.pcug.org.au/~rcook/scribus/math.sla
Ok OK, I have to work every day with LateX in the university, perhaps 
that's the reason why I don't like it :-)

Kile is nice, but: if you work seriously with it, it crashes three or 
five times a day, and while it's open, the CPU is going to run with 99% ...




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