[Scribus] Freedom Yug tutorial

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Sep 29 08:18:47 CEST 2006

> Why do you guys always break down criticism into emotional responses? 
> You ask for more info, are given it, then you respond in an emotional
> tone to cover up your inability to see help when it's offered you. 
> You're mired in your own self pity & inabilities, trying to analyze
> others from a point of view that is obscure at best.

Mailing list discussion works best on a somewhat formal level because 
e-mail lacks tone and other information to carry intent. Keeping things 
impersonal helps a lot. I am, of course, breaking my own advice to say 
this ;-) but at this point I think that's necessary.

Tone it down, folks. Your own immoderate words almost invariably reflect 
worse upon yourself than those you are directing them at.

> I attacked no one
> or said anything demeaning to anyone, but is that the case with you or
> the others that sent attacks covered in emotion towards me?

You may not have _intended_ to, but your messages can easily be read 
that way. For that reason it is always best to try to use very moderate 
language wherever possible, as people may take extreme interpretations 
in the absence of non-verbal queues.

 > You hardly understand
> people as much as you try to make out, which in turn shows how small
> minded & cowardly you are.

Your language is and not welcome on this list. Please behave, or at 
least take it off-list.

> If I didn't feel a desire to be here, to offer criticism, to offer
> support, to try to help, do you think I would continue to bother?

I'm sure your intent is good, but I can see how it was misinterpreted 
because of your choice of words and the _way_ you said it.

>  I
> feel strongly that Scribus still has potential.  Whether the developers
> still feel that way is not up to me, but it won't stop me from voicing
> objections about the directions they are taking.

Nor should it - but it's also no license to be rude, nor does it make it 
wise to use strong and emotive language where it's not absolutely necessary.

Craig Ringer

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