[Scribus] how install Tkinter?

mamem at gmx.net mamem
Tue Sep 19 16:35:33 CEST 2006

Thanks for the answer, Peter

Even after having installed the normal setup of scribus under windows
Itkinter is missing to execute scripts like the font script or even
others inside scribus.

I'll try on another windows machine if it's a problem of config of the
first one, if it's comming from some etrange interaction with other
If not, there seams to be a problem in the tkinter-pack installed with
windows installer.
Is there anyone having the same problem on scribus for win?


Le mardi 19 septembre 2006 ? 16:26:28, vous ?criviez :

P> On Tuesday 19 September 2006 16:23, Eilert wrote:
>> gpittman at iglou.com schrieb:
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>> > From: Eilert <eilert-sprachen at t-online.de>
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>> > Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 08:12:22 +0200
>> > Subject: Re: [Scribus] how install Tkinter?
>> >
>> >> mamem at gmx.net schrieb:
>> >>> Hallo,
>> >>>
>> >>> Ich habe st?ndig die Fehlermeldung bei FontScript ausf?hrung
>> >>> dass Tkinter nicht installiert ist.
>> >>> Wie kann ich das machen? Ich habe nirgens entdeckt wie das
>> >>> geht, und in den Scribus-Docs scheint es immer zu gehen...
>> >>>
>> >>> Danke
>> >>> Martin
>> >>
>> >> Tkinter m?sste bei deiner Distribution dabei sein. Einfach
>> >> aufspielen, w?rde ich sagen. Ist aber nur ins Blaue geraten -
>> >> ich habe dies Problem nie gehabt, bei mir ist es wohl sowieso
>> >> installiert (Suse 9.1).
>> >
>> > Tkinter is a python module. Depending on your distro, you should
>> > be able to get this easily. If you use yum or apt-get, these
>> > should find it for you.
>> > It is also available for Windows.
>> That's about what I answered to his first post. Then he answered
>> back that he's using Windows, but I don't know anything about the
>> Windows version of Scribus, I'm just surprised it uses Tkinter too.
>> What's it good for?
>> His question was, why on eartch it can't be included in the Scribus
>> Windows package.
>> Regards
>> Rolf

P> Tkinter and all the needed python libraries are already installed with
P> the Scribus setup.exe

P> The Scribus Windows installer needs nothing except for Ghostscript as 
P> mentioned on in the install page at http://windows.scribus.net

P> Peter

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