[Scribus] Scribus, lulu.com, and Lightning Source Inc.

Raquel Martin raquel_rene
Mon Sep 18 16:41:33 CEST 2006

Thanks Craig and Tobias,

I'll do what I have to. (Curse Distiller and the
Windows land it lives in!) All my initial proof tests
using Scribus .pdf or .ps and then Distiller have
worked, so that's my route. The layout is simple and
straightforward, I'll save all the fancy for an
enhanced ebook.

"I thought Lulu.com, a company founded by a prominent
RedHat Linux representative, would offer some Open
Source alternative. But no, the requirement for Adobe
Distiller is strict as far as you go for global

I was hoping for an open source/accessible-to-anyone
solution. So much for my overly idealistic fantasy
world. They say LSI is the 800lb guerilla in the room,
apparently guerillas don't want to play with penguins.

Booting back into Linux to finish my layout work now.

Big thanks for the quick replies!

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