[Scribus] Getting Text Issue

Cedric Sagne csagne
Wed Sep 13 12:40:25 CEST 2006

Ok this is the tilde N,where the sign itself is 007e for unicode fans, and the combined character 00D1 and 00F1 (upper case and lower case respectively).
Yours was a much more poetic description of it though.

Alexis, this is most likely not a supported character, it is part of the Latin-1 supplement, described here

you must stick to the basic Latin-1 table for the file names


>It seems the coding was modified in my message. The letter that 
>produced the
>.problem in the directory was changed for a question mark. I was 
>referring to
>the letter from Spanish that is forme by an "n" with the little thing 
>top, I'm not sure if it has a name in English but Spanish speaking 
>may know what I'm talking about, it's the second later in the Spanish 
>for "year".

I hope this helps somebody.

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