[Scribus] nothing prints HPDeskjet

Etienne Liétart lietart
Mon Sep 11 23:55:41 CEST 2006

Excuse me : I speak French. I think that Scribus is wonderful software. But...
I am using Scribus on a machine running Debian Etch. I'm trying to print to an HP DeskJet 870CXi through CUPS. I make the selections on the print 
setup menus, but nothing prints. I don't even see the file in the printer's job list. I'm assuming that I haven't set something up correctly, but 

1) Softwares :
Debian Etch (=testing); kernel 2.6.15-1-686.
Cupsys 1.1.23-12
libcupsys2-dev 1.1.23-12 (package installed before Scribus)

2) Printer : HP Deskjet 870CXi non PostScript (works very well with OpenOffice org)

3) Fonts :
Nimbus Sans L Regular, Luxi Sans Regular, Bitstream Vera, ...

4) Observations :
41)In the box "print configuration"
a) if I click the button Deskjet 870CXi :
I see in terminal "lpr : Deskjet 870CXi : unknown printer"

b) if I use command
lpr ${DeskJet_870CXi:+'-P'}${Deskjet_870CXi}
then the printer takes out a sheet with the text:
%%Creator: Scribus1.2.4.1
%%Pges: 1
42) Scribus prints very well in Windows XP with the same printer HP Deskjet 870CXi.
Frustration! Big frustration!

5) Questions.
How print a -sla file in Linux?
Special settings in "options"?
Same problem with Suse 10.0.
Same problem with Debian Etch and Scribus ng.

6) Thank you.

Etienne Li?tart

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