[Scribus] Page Template...

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Sep 7 02:08:09 CEST 2006

Smith, Herb wrote:
> I hope this is clear.  Is there some sort of script or process to get
> consecutive parts of my recipe information into the consecutive text
> fields on my page template?
If you have a very large book, a script could be written to do this.
If you look at this script:
you will see that what this does is take the images from a directory, 
create image frames with a particular set pattern, create new pages as 

For yours you would be working with text frames, so you need to rummage 
around the Wiki for scripts that show how to make text frames and enter 
Beyond that, it would require some organization of your text so that 
individual recipes could be in individual files, OR you would have to 
create a way of parsing the file to break it down into individual recipes.

It's a lot of work of course, but potentially very rewarding.


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