[Scribus] new DTD: "editable PDF equivalent" mode?

Michael Koren kung42o
Wed Sep 6 03:30:02 CEST 2006

Michael Koren wrote:
> avox wrote:
>>> * There already are changes to the legacy code which might break layout
>>> stability. One is the fixing of a bug where hyphens were not properly
>>> rightaligned in full lines. I'm not sure if this can change
>>> linebreaking, but I don't think we'll provide a compatibility mode for
>>> this.
> Maybe not for the old format, but it would be really cool with the new DTD
> and layout system to have an "editable PDF equivalent" mode that includes
> everything needed to determine the 

Oops, I hit enter by accident there. It would be cool to have a mode in the
new format that includes any extra information needed to deterministically
recreate a layout, including font metrics and/or font embedding. That way a
scribus document could be interchangable with a PDF in terms of the final
rendering, only editable. There's not really any good format that I know of
for storing print-ready formatting that also preserves semantic structure,
and it seems like the new scribus file format could provide such an open,
documented file format. The behavior of the layout engine would just need to
be completely documented and stable, and a file could be converted to PDF at
any time to send to the printer....

Just a thought. :)

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