[Scribus] Create text frame when pasting text. — Was: Scribus Digest, Vol 43, Issue 11

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Tue Sep 5 18:08:56 CEST 2006

Emanuel Schwarz a ?crit :
>>Couldn't Scribus try to figure out what you're about to paste, and in
>>case it's just text (and you're not inside a text container),
>>automagically draw a text box and insert it? That would possibly save a
>>click or two...
> This would be great!

Could be. At the same time one must aknowledge there are benefits you 
get from the "Get Text" command that you cannot access through 
copy/paste. Text filters and Stylesheet management come to mind.

How are we going to tell Scribus not to create a text frame if you don't 
want to (for instance, if you wish to really paste part of a text into 
an existing text frame) ? At the same time, when in a text frame it 
could happen you need another text frame into that one... Automagic ... 

What about using the new Frame menu associated with a keyboard shortcut? 
Hit that key and here's your frame, then paste... No clicks at all. Just 
2 keyboard commands. Now, that's quick. Real quick!

Just a few thoughts as a start.



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