[Scribus] some layout stability concerns from freetype kerning bug

avox avox
Tue Sep 5 15:42:34 CEST 2006

Michael Koren wrote:
> avox wrote:
>> Then don't use OpenType fonts where we don't support kerning yet. IMO
>> providing kerning is more 
>> important than layout stability.
> Could there be some kind of warning when selecting such a font so it's not
> used unknowingly?

Scribus could provide warnings for all fonts where Freetype reports no

>> * The second change is optical margins. This is mandatory in 1.3.4cvs and
>> will become an option later. I'm not sure if optical margins should be on
>> by default for new docs, but it will be off for old docs in any case.
>> * Another change I have in mind is glyph extension, that's a 1-2% change
>> in horizontal scaling. This might change linebreaks when shrinking
>> glyphs, but not when extending glyphs. So for old files Scribus will only
>> extend glyphs when needed, for new files it will also shrink.
>> * Furthermore I'll probably introduce configurable word tracking, i.e.
>> changing the default size of blanks. This will definitely change
>> linebreaks, so the default for old files will be the nominal blank width.
> Interesting, nice enhancements. Incidentally, will these options be
> per-document or per-parargaph/character? I can see wanting to set some of
> those selectively. 

Currently I plan optical margins to be per textframe, glyph extension and
word tracking per paragraph. 
Note that it is still possible to override these settings manually with
manual tracking and scaling.

>> To summarize: we will provide a legacy mode which ensures layout
>> stability for 1.2.x and 1.3.3.x files.
> Sounds good. Does that include the 1.2 -> 1.3 changes as I mentioned
> above?

I don't know the current state of this change. If possible we should change
the fileloader to
neutrailze that effect.

> ... My only suggestions would be to make sure there are warnings where
> appropriate when something isn't supported yet, and maybe at least store
> the font version? It wouldn't be that hard; it could be once per font in
> the document, and advanced users could ask to see a warning if it doesn't
> match their installed version just like if a font isn't available.

That should be possible.

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