[Scribus] Good Book for Newby Designer?

Pierre-Luc Auclair p.lucauclair
Mon Sep 4 12:02:28 CEST 2006

> Btw, are there any good websites or other free (as in beer) sources about
> design?

Not exactly [that I know of anyway]. There's www.designobserver.com and 
http://www.underconsideration.com/speakup/ that are probably the most 
interesting websites for "news", I'd rather say editorials, on design. Nice 
to read sometimes.

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A few books I like:
[name -- author]
+The Elements of Typographic Style -- Bringhurst
Must have on typography, plus it has an *excellent* section on ratios and page 

+Grid Systems in Graphic Design -- M?ller-Brockmann
This is probably the best book in my opinion on grids. This is very Bauhaus 
minded which makes it very rigid and calculated, which doesn't really fit 
into the modern design currents [we evolved!], but *everything* is there. 
Hard to find though, and often somewhat expensive (okay for a design book 

+Making and Breaking the Grid -- Samara
I find it to be mostly an inspiration book, but it covers many styles and has 
a lot of examples and stuff that can give you ideas. It has an historic of 
grids which is fine to have.

+Getting it right in print -- ?can't remember?
Nice book explaining the printing and prepress process, from color management 
to technical terms, a book for beginners or all the designers who don't know 
crap about printing and prepress.

+Forms, folds and sizes -- Evans
That's a reference book for day-to-day questions. Covers everything from paper 
size, thicknesses and types, to cover types, passing by diffent packaging 
[standard] templates.

+A History of Graphic Design
*The* book on design history from stone age to the new millenium. A must have. 
Knowing how it all evolved changes your view on design radically.

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