[Scribus] WAD's Layout in Advertising

Martin Langeland dumluks
Mon Sep 4 07:19:26 CEST 2006

Frank wrote:

Tells you where the world is going to not have that book increase in value.

Well, the first editions were going for $300 to $500, But I figured the content was more important here than the collectability.

In addition to being a type designer, book designer, general rebel to the book trade (his -- with his cousin Lawrence Siegfried -- short monograph: "an Investigation Into the Physical Properties of Books" satirized the then (1919) current manufacturing process in the printing of books. This led to a vast improvement in the art of the book.) He also had a marionette theatre at Point Five Irving Street (the garage behind his home in Hingham, Mass.) These 12 inch figures were carved by Dwiggins using an articulation system of his design which was much more lifelike than that in common use. These puppets now belong to the Boston Public Library.


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