[Scribus] PDF in Image Frame and DPI

Helge Hielscher hhielscher
Fri Sep 1 11:42:39 CEST 2006

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 09:56:45 +0200,
listen-Y2/Kvx1GOFkN+XCNjr6acrNAH6kLmebB wrote:

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>> But still I guess I have to figure out a better way to import figures
>> made with corel draw.
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> CorelDraw has a lot of options to export data into other formats. Did
> you ever tried PostScript, EPS or Adobe Illustrator (AI)? Also, if I'm
> right, the newer versions of CorelDraw have SVG-support.

I've tried quite a lot so far:
a) EPS/Postscript: Scribus gets far to slow with the Document imported.
First I thought that might be due to the text being individual shapes, but
with the SVG (see below) it is a lot snappier even with text as path.

b) Adobe Illustrator, such a file I got first when I asked for a SVG.
Maybe SVG is not so well known? I tried to convert it with Inkscape's
ill2svg.pl, but it did not work good enough. Furthermost it had problems
with the text encoding, the document contains both German and Russian
text, destroying all Umlauts and Cyrillic letters.

c) After insisting that Corel Draw can export SVG (at least since version
11), I got a SVG, and it opens fine in Inkscape, but not in Scribus ("SVG
file contains some unsupported features.") and using plain SVG did not
help. What worked though is using "Text to Path" in Inkscape and importing
that document. Im still getting "SVG file contains some unsupported
features.", but visually what got imported looks ok to me. What is
interesting: even though scribus is using more memory with the SVG than
with the EPS scribus is a lot more responsive. I think I am going to use
this way for importing the document.

d) The other option would have been to export a bitmap out of inkscape,
but that would have made the document huge, because for good reproduction
of the typefaces a high dpi value is necessarry. What I have heard is that
printers use 1200 or even 2400dpi for font rasterization, and after
viewing the document in acroread with maximum zoom I can see why this
makes sense.

Hope this message helps others struggling with the import


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