[Scribus] PDF color shift problem ?

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Oct 29 05:26:47 CET 2006

stu seven wrote:
> + okey then, and thanks to all who answered.
> This isn't really a problem... yet... as I haven't seen anything
> back from the printer, using one of these PDFs... more, I just
> was wondering if it was something anyone else had experience
> with this, or could explain what was happening... my guess had
> again been "auto-profiling"  :-)

What PDF viewer and version are you using?

What version of Scribus are you using?

Is colour management enabled? If so, what set of profiles are you using?

Is the input image file tagged with an ICC profile? (jpegicc can tell
you this: jpegicc -v imagename.jpg /tmp/out.jpg)

What output target did you chose when saving the PDF? "Printer"? "Screen"?

Without knowing this it's not possible to do more than guess vaguely
about what is happening. It'd also help if you could put the original
source image up somewhere.

Craig Ringer

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