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leo theGreat leo.thealmighty
Wed Oct 25 10:35:44 CEST 2006


Here is a temporary solution for your problems

'Paragraph' Settings
* Scribus needs a 'paragraph' dialogue box - which would give options of -
distances between paras, and ability to adjust first line indent without
having to set it in the 'style' (these are not available currently in
Scribus), and other para settings - all in the one box as other dtp progs
* When a paragraph is in a 'style', it is not possible to change certain
settings, without removing the style - eg - alignment
(left,right,justify,etc), and first line indent - this is hard to live with.

What u can do, like me i have created 3 para styles.
1 is body text with indent called body_text_normal_para
2 is same as bodytext but without indent called body_text_first_para
3 is same as sencond but with drop cap called body_text_with_drop_cap.

this way i just apply the body_text_first_para style to only fist para and
for the rest of the text body_text_normal_para.

I am using scribus version on pcoslinux 0.93a bigdaddy and it works
fine. Me too have shifted my desging work flow from indesign to scribus. It
works great.

Ya there are few glicthes.. but with time they will be gone.

Hope, it works for u.
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