[Scribus] Scribus Digest, Vol 44, Issue 55

Roger hovergo
Tue Oct 24 09:26:39 CEST 2006

<snip>> Just tried it on a 10 page document, about one second to jump to any page.
  Ubuntu, 1GByte RAM, amd 2600

Can Windows be the cuplrit ?

Windows is very ordinary in memory handling, very poor at disk cleanliness,  mediocre at  disk file 
  zero at registry monitoring and general cleaning up is almost non existent.
It is possible that there are a huge number if files opening that do not need to be open,
Each software you install may have or leave some part in memory just in case you decide to use it again.
Games can fill the hard disk with temp files and fail to clean them up afterwards.
Your temp or tmp folder may be overflowing with redundant files from the internet.

Perhaps you could try a couple of things
Get a good registry cleaner, lthe registry is probably overloaded with crap and it's hard for doze 
to locate the necessary files.
Use a good disk defragmenter, the one in xp is crap and leaves bits of files allover the place
Monitor memory use - see if a memory segment is not working as it should, or may be failing somewhere.
Check Virtual memory, your allocation may be too small, but with 1 gig memory that shouldnt be a 
unless ther is too much in memory that you aren't aware of.

All this is why I use Linux for most things and windows only for 3d CAD stuff and scanning


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