[Scribus] page background for pdf

Riku Leino tsoots
Tue Oct 24 04:12:59 CEST 2006

Riku Leino wrote:
> Rick Pasotto wrote:
> > When I actually printed my document I used colored paper. Is it possible
> > to specify a background for the pdf document so that it looks like the
> > actual print output?
> You can pick the paper color in file>doc setup>display for the current
> document. In file>prefs>display you can set the default color for all the
> future docs.

And here's the correct answer now after i've actually read your question. The 
solution above doesn't make any difference to a pdf since the paper color is 
the color that is not printed. It will only allow you to see in Scribus how 
the final output on colored paper will look. To make it work like you want 
you'll need to create two PDFs one for print and one for screen viewing. 
Here's one possible way of doing it. In Scribus I would create a new bottom 
layer and create a master page where I would add a single polygon of desired 
color to the new layer. Then I'd apply the master page to all pages in the 
doc. For the print version one then needs to switch off printing of the 
background layer. This can be easily done in the layer palette. For the 
screen/web pdf printing of the layer must be enabled.

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