[Scribus] ps font not in list

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Oct 22 05:11:50 CEST 2006

dwain.alford at gmail.com wrote:
> i've got a font in my system font folder that is not showing in the font 
> list in scribus, but shows in other programs.  the font is zapf chancery 
> itcby bt.  i have copied the file into scribus and it says that the font 
> is already installed.  as far as i can tell ghostscript is in the proper 
> place and the proper file is being referenced in scribus preferences. 
> i'm using w2k.  any suggestions?

There's a fairly strong chance the font is damaged and not usable for
DTP / prepress jobs. I think I've run into issues with Zapf Chancery before.

If you start Scribus with the --console command line argument (either
using start->run or by modifying the shortcut) it should list any fonts
it rejects.

Craig Ringer

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