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Dion Vansevenant diovan
Sun Oct 22 03:34:33 CEST 2006

On 10/21/06, Bernard G Hill <berni at zionundy.me.uk> wrote:
> >
> >         http://www.o3magazine.com/o3/issue5/o3-i5-72.pdf
> This worked OK for me!

Works for me now, too. But then again, it's a day later, and I'm at home.
I'll try it again from work.

> >
> > OK, they must have forgotten to pay their hosting bill, or something.

Ooo. That was a little harsh of me. If anyone from o3 sees this, my
apologies. I've been in Tech Support, I should know better. Shows how grumpy
I was feeling that day, although that's no excuse.

I took a quick glance at the o3 PDF. Nice! I'll have to sit down and
actually read it for full effect.

Back to the Python stuff...

I worked through some of the examples on the wiki. Some just plain old did
not work due to one error or another, and others worked as advertised.
Ultimately, I was able to get the basis for what I wanted to accomplish,
putting a little three-month calendar block on the page, like you might see
on a day planner. Using the Scripter Console made it a little easier to do.
I could make a change, run the script, observe the results, and repeat.

My script takes current year and starting month, then prints mini-month
listings for the previous month, starting month, and next month. I'm aiming
to error-check for beginning and end of the year. Currently if the starting
month is 1, the script can not calculate previous month, and if the starting
month is 12, it can not calculate next month. No real biggie, just have to
code for that.

I was hoping to clean it up before posting it to the wiki, but perhaps I'll
just post it for people to dissect and improve upon.

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