[Scribus] Python tutorials

Cedric Sagne csagne
Fri Oct 20 12:04:35 CEST 2006


I am looking for tutorials on Python, on the wiki, and just everywhere, but it clearly is one of the toughest things in Scribus. My search is going on but I'm starting from scratch and I don't have many resources yet.

I found "Hello World" but it produces errors (I'm at a loss to debug it... no clue where to start)... Does someone have links to resources, especially step by step tutorials or commented scripts?

I am looking for a simple script to assign a name  to a shape, set up a gradient A to B, and pick two colours for a new gradient, a script to fill in a form and insert the text into predefined text boxes with the existing text formating...
starting from scratch this is tough, any help will be so much appreciated.

Any tutorial resources will be appreciated. Thanks to all.


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