[Scribus] Mac Intel

Matthias Schmitt freak002
Fri Oct 20 11:14:14 CEST 2006


>> EVERY package of Fink became unstable and there is NO WAY to revert
>> to the previons state.

This is absolutely correct. Fink uses an 'all or nothing' approach  
for handling unstable packages. All packages marked as unstable are  
always compiled with the latest components, which are of course also  

If you are using PPC architecture you have multiple options:

1. Use the pre-compiled Scribus Aqua Version

Unfortunately this version has a major bug in color management (CMYK  
colors are wrong), which makes it pretty useless, unless your  
resulting print does not use any color. If you plan to use Scribus  
with color output, check with your local printing company, if they  
accept the PDF in RGB colors, which was fine for me.

2. Use Fink with one of the following options:

a. Install the binary distribution of Scribus 1.2.3, which is a  
little outdated.
b. Download and compile Scibus, which has the previous  
described color bug.
c. Download and compile the latest distibution, which turns  
all other Fink modules to an unstable mode too.

If you are working on Intel Architecture, then you can only use Fink  
to compile your binary. There are no pre-compiled binaries. Linux  
users accept a compiler as an installation tool. Mac users will never  
accept this solution. The missing binary distribution of Scribus is a  
major show stopper on the Mac Platform.

> If I understand right Fink is based on Debian.

The idea of package distribution was taken from Debian, but that's  
it. There is no shared source code, nor can you use Debian package  
commands. The easiest way to use Fink is to use the Fink Package  
manager, which has a menu driven interface. Hey, since when do we Mac  
users use the command line? :-)

Greetings from Luxembourg

Matthias Schmitt

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