[Scribus] Managing image transparency

Cedric Sagne csagne
Thu Oct 19 10:26:21 CEST 2006


PNG supports transparency when it is PNG8, not PNG24 (ie GIF vs JPG), or is there a way to get transparency support for PNG24 that i do not know of ?

A workaround which has some interest is to change the shape, but this is only good for compact shapes (ie not donut, no transparent area embedded in the image), and although it requires some delicate adjusting, it  also allows for  use with non white or gradient background.

Now concerning TIFF transparency, the GIMP says no, or rather said no to ME, so any trick of the trade will be much appreciated. Which sw do you use to create a TIFF+transparent colour? I have access to the GIMP and Photoshop 7.0

Oh just to clarify, by transparent i confirm i mean the feature of GIFs, but applied to photographic type images.
PDF rendering not an issue in my context, as the final output is a JPG, exported straight from Scribus


> I was wondering if anyone has a tip for the following: an image has a
> white background which must be removed and the central subject is 
> placed on top of shapes, polygons, background images so the white bit
> of the image is not desirable...
> which image format can i use, as jpg, psd are not suitable, tiff does
> not support transparency... or is there another solution altogether,
> with more brain power?

TIFF does support transparency, as does PNG. But be aware that certain
RIPs do not support transparency. You need a fully PDF 1.4 capable RIP
to print that.

(For example, pdftops from xpdf has problems and transparent areas will
show up black. Acroread will flatten the transparency correctly when
converting to PS, though Ghostscript seems to have problems with the
generated PS.)



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