[Scribus] exporting PDF / SVG gradients...

Peter von Weisz peter
Mon Oct 16 12:33:12 CEST 2006

Hello all,

I have been using Scribus to design a company's PDF brochure and a AD. I
must say that I'm really impressed with what you can do and how well it
actually works. I'm running Scribus (built date 21 aug) on
Windows XP (Ghostscript 8.5.3) at work and Scribus on Fedora Core 4
at home. Both work equally well, but I have a problem exporting a logo
(imported from a SVG) containing a gradient.

The logo is made in Adobe Illustrator and then exported to a SVG. The funny
thing is that it looks somewhat correct. I'll try to explain. =)
This is a ASCII representation of what it SHOULD look like. The middle field
(white) is on a layer above the gradient (the "g"), and the gradient is one
|ggg| |ggg|
|ggg| |ggg|
|ggg| |ggg|

When exported it looks like this, where the "s" is a solid colour (it's one
of the base colours in the gradient):
|ggg| |sss|
|ggg| |sss|
|ggg| |sss|

As you can tell, I'm not an ASCII artist, but I hope that you get the idea..

The logo looks OK on the screen in Scribus, I get this only when exporting
to PDF, when exporting to a PNG it looks OK.

Is there some export settings in Illustrator that need to be checked? Export
settings in Scribus? I can send the SVG off-list if someone wants to have a
look at it.

Thanks a lot in advance,
Peter von Weisz
Bana Systems
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74192 Knivsta, Sweden

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