[Scribus] Bug? search and replace

Dan Fink danbob
Sat Oct 14 20:54:33 CEST 2006

Just FYI in case it was not caught before, because the workaround is
easy. I'm using since my book project is huge, important, and I
started it in this version and did not want to upgrade in mid-book, plus
that's the version that yum brought me.

I was using search and replace (S&R) to find apostrophes and replace
them with 'curly' apostrophes. There's no 'insert special' in the S&R
box, so I replaced one by hand in the text editor, then copied it to the
S&R form. In all paragraphs where an apostrophe was replaced, Scribus
changed the entire paragraph format to the one from which I had copied
the curly apostrophe-- in this case, unfortunately it was 'drop cap.'

Workaround -- copy the replacement character from a paragraph of the
same style as where you are replacing it into.

Anyway, all this just FYI. Back to the book layout--only 23 chapters to
go now... <grin>


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